I’m pretty busy most of the time…the curse and the blessing of being an entrepreneur, I suppose. The problem comes when I need to purchase something. I just don’t have time to go out and spend time looking all over the place for ‘just the right suit’ or the ‘perfect accessory’. People who know me well will tell you I’m very down-to-earth and practical about such things, and at the same time rather picky. This is not a good combination of character traits when you throw in ‘impatient’ alongside the others. I find myself often frustrated with how long it takes me to find something I like.

I’ve had the same briefcase for the past five years. It’s very good quality and I’ve grown very accustomed to it over the years. It suits me perfectly! Last month it finally decided to throw in the towel when the bolts that hold the shoulder strap in place on the briefcase itself came loose. It was time. I needed to buy a new briefcase.

As a professional woman, one of the things that I run up against a lot is that business items are designed for men and that you really have to look hard to find something that is more feminine. Of course there are lots of expensive designer choices but my practicality won’t let me spend 600 Euro’s on a briefcase that I would be afraid to use! I saw this as an opportunity to see what had changed in the past five years in the world of briefcases for women.

I was amazed! If you look hard enough and search using terms like ‘vrouwelijk laptoptas’ (women’s laptop bag), there is a world of very exciting options out there. But they don’t pop up when you use only ‘laptoptas’ as your search term. That’s too bad. After all who are we to determine that the world is only made up of black and brown briefcase-carrying men…or maybe it is and this is a reflection of this. Diversity is a hot topic for a reason.

Anyhoo, I came upon a site, Beau Bags. Their site presented me with a number of interesting briefcase options in a very simple, straightforward and pleasant way. It is a very professional-looking site and I saw myself instantly carrying one of these bags. They had a little more flair to the design than the standard briefcases and they came in more interesting colors, like olive green, purple and gray.

I ended up buying the gray Sofia. I read the recommendations of others who had purchased it and was convinced that this was the bag for me too. I’m extremely happy with my purchase from all angles. I could order easily. I could track my order online via TNT. I received my order THE NEXT DAY! Not unimportant if your current briefcase is kaput.

The bag is exactly as I had hoped. The quality is excellent and the bag itself has a more feminine appeal. If you’re looking for a great place to purchase a bag, visit www.beaubags.nl. What a pleasant surprise to find a company that caters to MY needs (picky, functional and impatient). You can read my review online as well. I’m one of the people now recommending the Sofia to others.

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