I just have to get something off my chest. I had a business appointment early this morning. While waiting in the lobby with all of the other ‘appointments’, I started to notice a trend: the men had really bad ties. I mean REALLY BAD. Light blue with lighter blue embroidery…it reminded me of my prom dress from 1978 (this is not good). Pink with lighter pink stripes…it reminded me of my time working at IBM when the ‘rebels’ in management wore pink instead of IBM blue (uhm, we’re talking pretty far fetched fashion choices now – it was IBM after all).

These were bad choices then, and they are bad choices now. Is it a sign that we are living in the past? Are we longing for better days? There’s a crisis going on, so perhaps this is their way of re-living their earlier glory. Or are they just exhibiting one of the most common of all Dutch traits: ‘zuinigheid’ (thriftyness)?

Most probably these people simply have bad taste. But still, they should do something about this. Their bad taste is hurting my eyes. And worse, it leads me into the thought process of wondering what in the world would motivate them to dress this way! I should be doing better things with my time than to contemplate such ridiculousness!

OK, I feel better now. Nevermind.

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